• Headmistress of Primary

    What thanks, O Lord, can I render thee for all gifts thou have showered upon me! The life is gift of God, filled with all kinds of goodness. Each day God opens the new page of our life and sends so many graces and blessings, so many people to help and guide. Let us thank the Lord for his wonderful gifts.

    Today He is telling to each one of us not to worry about the food, clothing and shelter, in order to live alive. He says, “Look at the birds of the air, flying around, they don’t sow seeds, nor gather a harvest and put it in the barns. Yet God the Father takes care of them all”. Whenever you are in tension think of the Lord your God, who sees everything. Someone has said, “People will throw stones at you, don’t throw them back, collect them all and build a tower”. Love the life you live. Our life is gift of God, given freely. Buddha’s teaching is that to live life fully one must walk the path of detachment and learn to free oneself from all that one possesses.

    To be detached is to live here and now fully aware that what one has today can be lost tomorrow. I have learnt that what is important in life is not to accumulate degrees, titles, careers, money, awards, social recognition, etc, but to live the present fully, enjoy every moment of life and learn to embrace all the manifestations of pain and suffering. We the Gyan Matians are here to mould the life of small ones. How to face the world, through our words and deeds, through our actions and examples. Let each one grow and live a life in full, with joy and happiness...

                        Sr.Pushpika (SOJI C.A.)