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Gyan Mata Vidya Vihar School

Fr. K. Joseph

Founder Principal 1988-1990

A simple, humble but determined personality, planted the GMVV seed in Nanded. An eminent and experienced educationist, with deep and sincere love for children. he fulfilled the desire and much felt need of Nanded to have a quality school run by the Catholic Church.

He faced many hureds, but bring a man with strong commitment. He faced every obstracle. He had never lost hope and boldly moved ahead with minimum infrastructure and few teachers and students.

Fr. K. V. Joseph

Principal 1990-1992

A calm, strict and disciplined personality although fresh in the field of education. He took over the budding sapling and nurtured by his committed service. He brought the discipline and the academic standard of the school to a high level. During his tenure GMVV shifted from Visawa Nagar to the present.

Fr. Pius Gonsalves

Principal 1992-2000

A Visionary with an encouraging personality under, his guidance the school reached the magic figure of 2000.

Co-curricular activities were given a boost to promote participation in activities and a healthy competitive spirit the house system was started Guru Gobind Sing, Fr. Mermier, Vikramaditya and Vivekananda. The first batch of SSC Students passed with flying colours during his tenure.

Fr. John Britto Muthuswamy

Principal : 2000-2008

A great sport enthusiast with a charming personality. An able administrator with the heast of a sportsman. participation in sports and games was encouraged and many laurels were won, especially in basket ball.

He left no stone unturned to have good infrastructure for sports and games. GMVV also got a new Auditorium, Amphitheatre, Computer Lab and Library during his tenure.

Fr. Sayu Cheruvil

Principal: 2008-2012

A srtict disciplinary with an eye of perfection figure moving. Around kept everyone on their toes. There was no compromise on the matter of discipline. During his tenure GMVV took a step forward by getting affiliation to the CBSE to make teaching more effective.

He introduced smart classes. He gave a face lift to the school by renovating the Science labs, Office and Reception.

Fr. Melroy Almeida

Principal: 2012-2017

A Cheerful warm and welcoming personality, a loving friend of children. Short in stature but strong with determination he shouldered the responsibility of celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the school.

He puts new life in the staff and students by his passionate speeches and Melodious singing. He mixes with all and sundry and has a patient ear for every one. He promotes singing and music and has started a choir and a band.

Fr. Marcus Ruptake

Principal : 2017-2019

A Strict and disciplined personality like a coconut, hard from outside but soft at heart. Since he has joined GMVV glories coming back as far as discipline is concern for which GMVV is appreciated and known for.

Fr. Shijumon

Principal : 2019-2023

Fr. Shijumon is a kind, considerate, compassionate & a cheerful person. He is a blend of a joyful and a reasonable personality. He is very regular & punctual in his work. Moreover, he is a great helping hand to his staff and students.”

Fr. Anil George MSFS

Principal : 2023-Till Date


Near Airport,Kamtha Road,Nasratpur Nanded-Maharashtra

+91 82750 52380

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