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Gyan Mata Vidya Vihar School

The GMVV strives hard to develop the character and personality of its pupils through personal guidance laying insistence on responsibility, self reliance and social awareness. The institution therefore will provide them natural, physical and spiritual qualities.

The study of VALUE EDUCATION remains obligatory for all students since the formation of sound moral character is in the true sense the worthy objective of education. Catechism and scripture class are obligatory for all catholic students. It is the duty of everyone to cultivate in himself / herself the ultimate and the best value of life which will enable himself / herself to live a worthwhile life.

Every student is instructed with universal truth of God, in the principles of morality and values of life. They are trained to do not what everyone does but what they know to be right, just and excellent.

The upliftment of the poor, their welfare is the aim of the institution. The Gandhian vision of education which is beautiful blending of Art, Crafts and Education is proposed for the new system of education. The School integrates work and community service with the studies.


Near Airport,Kamtha Road,Nasratpur Nanded-Maharashtra

+91 82750 52380

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