Fr.Shijumon M.E, Principal

TEducation makes a person genuine human being fit for God & Society. Therefore, the purpose of education is to grow in the love of God & Humanity. Gyan Mata Vidya Vihar, Nanded, from its very inception in 1988, is known for providing its students quality education & forming their personality. The dedicated school Management & staff have been playing a vital role in the progress of this institution. The infrastructure & the facilities provided in the school, make the school atmosphere very conducive for efficient teaching & effective learning. The parents of the school have been a strong support to the school & have played a big role in its growth. Various Departments both Governmental & non-governmental, have been extending their support to our school for its smooth functioning. I dedicate this school to the powerful Protection of Mother Mary, the Heavenly Patroness of our school and the mother of Jesus Christ. May all our efforts in building up the lives of our children bear fruit and let there be lasting joy and happiness in everyone associated with Gyan Mata Vidya Vihar.

Fr. Nobit, Vice Principal

“The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts but of values,” said William S. Burroughs.

Education is one of the main factors that allow students to grow and develop as individuals. It teaches students important life values, and it opens their mind to a lot of interesting aspects of life and the global scenario. Classrooms are ideal places not only for healthy discussions on all kinds of subjects but also for shaping their lives by helping them to develop their social skills, problem-solving skills, and creative skills and above all required life skills to adapt themselves to the rapid changes in modern times.

  • Fr. Jnanamani , Office Administrator

    Alexander the great once said: “I fear not an army of lions lead by a sheep, but it is an army of sheep that is led by a lion which I am afraid of.”

    Tomorrow’s leaders are in today’s class rooms! In today’s competitive world, education is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity and a passport to the future. So, GMVV is here to prepare our children for the future leadership by making them mentally, socially and intellectually strong by increasing

  • Sr.Pushpika(Soji C.A.) , Headmistress of Primary

    What thanks, O Lord, can I render thee for all gifts thou have showered upon me! The life is gift of God, filled with all kinds of goodness. Each day God opens the new page of our life and sends so many graces and blessings, so many people to help and guide. Let us thank the Lord for his wonderful gifts.

    Today He is telling to each one of us not to worry about the food, clothing and shelter, in order to live alive.


School Toppers in AISSE Board Exam 2020

  • Savyasachi Patil

  • Aabha Kandhare

  • Siddhi Borgaonkar

  • Tejal Bhartiya

  • Shubha Tiwari